I'm Rheanna. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm a career-minded professional. I'm a daughter. I'm a reader. I'm a writer. And, I'm a health and life transformation coach. Seven years ago, I started doing research on how to eat healthier. It's been an amazing journey where I've learned so much about nutrition and exercise. Then -

Then in 2017, life got crazy. Beyond crazy. My mom had a stroke. It was time to step up and take care of her. I found myself deep in the trenches of the sandwich generation. I was taking care of a parent - and taking care of my kid - and trying to maintain some (zombie-like) version of myself. The stress - the anxiety - the guilt - it was all too overwhelming. I couldn't sleep, my eating habits went downhill fast and I wasn't truly enjoying time with my loved ones. Since then, I've learned about habit change and transformation coaching methods. I've incorporated meditation and mindfulness into daily practice. I believe that the energy I put out into the world is exactly what I'll get back, so I try my hardest to be kind and positive. I have a strong desire to use my professional skills and knowledge for the greater good and to promote social change within my community, both locally and globally.

I've developed partnerships with other health-related companies and wellness practitioners in order to provide comprehensive information and education. If there's something I can't help with, I bet I know someone who can!

My passion and my goal are two-fold: 

  • I want to help people live healthier lives so they don't end up with a myriad of lifestyle illnesses like my mom and so many other people.

  • I want to help my fellow lovely human beings not only manage stress and life, but excel and live their dreams.

If you need help dealing with stress, getting better sleep, developing healthier habits and just being present - please reach out. I can help. If none of my programs sound right for you, let's talk about developing a personalized package that addresses your needs and your goals. I can't wait to learn about you and work with you! 

P.S. That photo above is one of my favorite meditation spots. You can learn more about me - why meditation is so important - and why I've called my coaching business "Life Disturbed" in my blog.