I used to write them a lot. Mostly, for myself. But sometimes for other people. I recently came across a poem I wrote in a college creative writing class. I LOVED that class. I don’t remember the exact assignment (I can barely remember what I did last week – I definitely don’t remember most of what I did over ten years ago!) but it looks like we were asked to write a poem using imagery.

I picked one of my favorite places – our cabin. It’s hard to put into words the beauty that exists there. It’s also hard to doubt God’s existence when you’re surrounded by nature. I feel extreme gratitude when I’m there. So, here’s a little something I wrote about this place that I love.

Cheyenne Valley

Smells like a salt-water taffy spring day
Like the lemon sun shining on my face
And the sweet, spearmint grass under my feet.

Smells like a sugary stroll through gardens
Like lemon-drop lilies and raspberry roses
And caramel apple trees with minty green leaves.

Smells like a blueberry breeze carrying dandelion seeds
Like the white fluffy cotton-candy clouds
And hot chocolate covered hilltops.

Smells like bright marshmallow mornings
Like easy-going apricot afternoons
And the syrupy still of the night.