Positively Disturbing


It’s been a very long time since I’ve sat down and written anything – just for the sake of writing. I miss it. And I’ve decided that it’s time I start again. This is a good point in my life to do so. You see, I decided to tender my resignation from my full time job as an Assistant Director of Meetings at the end of May, effective the end of June. I’ve been off work for about 3 weeks now and truly enjoying spending the beautiful summer days with my son (and my dog) outside in the sunshine. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. Particularly, books about the power of our thoughts, the law of attraction and the universe.

Which brings me to this blog. This is an outlet for me to document what I’m learning and experiencing with these concepts. This blog is called “Life Disturbed.” But, it’s not the connotation that you’re probably thinking. I don’t mean disturbed as in distressed, disrupted or agitated. And I’m not talking about the heavy metal band from Chicago. I’m talking disturbed in the physics way. In her book Thank and Grow Rich, Pam Grout talks about the German physicist Heisenberg. He said that we change and affect everything we observe. She says, “Disturb to a physicist, means to change or modify the molecules, the atoms, the energy that makes up a physical thing. Everything I observe, everything I do, affects everything else.”

The more I learn about this stuff, the more I see it everyday. The universe is sending me all kinds of messages and they relate directly to my thoughts, my beliefs and my attitude. It also has me thinking about the past and small things that have affected my life in some way. One very vivid memory from my childhood comes to mind. I was probably five years old, give or take a year or two. I was waiting in our car while my mom pumped gas. Now, I was an extremely shy child. As a kid, I found interactions with strangers very awkward. So when an adult tried to talk to me, I literally hid behind my parents. On this day, while I was in the car by myself, I made eye contact with an older girl walking by the front of our car. She was probably 12 or 13 and she smiled at me. I couldn’t help but smile back – it was like there was a love and light beaming from her face and it was for me. I realize that sounds crazy. I can barely remember what day it is, but I can distinctly remember this girl’s face. For some reason, that moment in time is ingrained in my soul. I think of it often. It has affected me and changed my life in some way, I’m sure of it. It reminds me that we don’t have to do extraordinary things in order to be kind or affect somebody, we can simply acknowledge them with a smile.

My goal (maybe it’s more of a challenge) is to be mindful and intentional about the way I affect the world around me, including but not limited to people, animals, plants, the ground beneath our feet, the sky above our heads…you get the picture. I know that there is a much bigger power at play. The universe has my back and I want to make sure I’m positively disturbing everything around me.

So tell me about a small gesture or interaction that had an impact on who you are today. Have you thought about if you’ve had that kind of affect on somebody else? We’ll probably never know, but by spreading our joy, we give others the OK to do the same. “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love.