Presenting my lists of awesomeness! These are the products, services, books, blogs, podcasts and people that I LOVE! Check them out - you won’t be disappointed. If you see something you might want to buy, PLEASE use my link below to make the purchase so they know I’m sending them some love!



Backpack Buddha! They’re a small company based in Nepal and the USA. They base their entire business model on good karma. They are fair-trade, and create original products using eco-friendly materials such as Himalayan hemp, natural stones, wood, and hand made Lokta paper. Their primary goal is to provide meditation tools, self guided journals, and other spiritually conscious products that truly help people. For products that promote inner peace, self love, discipline and happiness, check them out.



I love Mighty Maca Plus! It’s the superfood green drink with 40+ amazing ingredients that: increases stamina and boosts energy, aids metabolism and improves digestion, fights inflammation and decreases hot flashes, helps with mood disorders, PMS and menopause symptoms, and strengthens libido and improves fertility. Designed for women, but it’s also beneficial to men.

And it actually tastes good! Check it out!

Business Stuff:


Acuity Scheduling! If you have a business where people need to be able to schedule appointments, calls, etc. with you, then this is the service for you! Their basic plan is free and is pretty darn awesome. The upgraded version has so many options to make scheduling , paying, following up with customers easy and efficient. Sign up here!