My Programs

I’ve developed the following programs to help my clients live healthier lives. Are you worried about lifestyle illnesses or your general health? Do you want to make sure you are as healthy as possible so that you can be fully present in your life and the lives of your loved ones? Are you dealing with fatigue and stress from the responsibility of caring for your parent(s) and children? Do you feel like you’re losing yourself because self-care can’t possibly be a priority in your life? Do you feel like something is blocking you from living your dreams?

If you’d like to explore how to reset your body, reset your mind or disturb your life, please contact me to set up a call to discuss how I can help! If none of my programs sound right for you, we’ll talk about developing a personalized package that addresses your needs and your goals. I can't wait to learn about you and work with you! 

Group or Individual Body Reset Cleanse

Get curious about your health - find out exactly what foods drain your energy and give you energy - realize how fabulous you can feel when you know exactly what fuels your body. Read more here.

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Continue to break through barriers and open new doors of possibility with this monthly maintenance program for clients. This program is designed for clients who have completed the Disturb Your Life program. It includes one 60-minute coaching session per month and weekly emails including self-care tips, inspiration and challenges. Life Disturbed Club members get free access to my “Reset Your Body in 14 Days” group cleanses on Facebook.

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Coming soon!

Disturb Your Life!

Want to find out how you can make yourself a priority without feeling guilty or like you’re neglecting others? You can make small, simple habit changes that will re-energize you and bring you the joy and happiness you so deserve. Read more here.